Ferrari Reveals Car Of The Future

The Italian automaker Ferrari reveals the first images of his spaceship prototype. Like its racing cars, the brand’s UFO prancing horse has a futuristic design, avant-garde and refined.

Ferrari accustomed us for decades to come out of its factories real dream run machinery that tear the asphalt. Under the leadership of Flavio Manzoni, head of design department at Ferrari and a great lover of science fiction, the firm has focused this time on the flying vehicles leaving free rein to the imagination of its engineers. “I lived in a six-storey building, with a large roof terrace. I thought that one day it would land a UFO. I was both curious and disturbed by this, “explains Flavio.

The result? A hybrid vessel fluid forms that borrows some features of Ferrari cars including aerodynamics and the front of the ship that mimics the shape of the front spoiler of LaFerrari while the rear is inspired rear wing of the Ferrari FXX K. “It is different from that of my childhood dreams in which I imagined a car of the future that would slide on a cushion of air,” continues the designer.

This remarkably accomplished exercise in style unfortunately never happen. Leave room for dreams and escape and embark aboard this beautiful spaceship through 3D rendering the Italian firm offers us:

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