EMC Terminates Atmos Online

EMC announced last week the official stop of its commercial cloud storage offering Atmos Online. According to EMC, Atmos Online will no longer support commercial deployments of companies and will be transformed into a service for developers.

Officially, EMC’s decision to stop marketing its cloud offering Atmos comes as commercial services offered by its partners  AT&T and Peer 1 are rising in power and puts an end to any potential competition between the service offered by EMC and those offered by third parties. Customers currently hosted on the Cloud EMC are also invited to migrate to one of the other three commercial offers Atmos market calls “Synaptic Storage as a service” AT&T “Stratus Cloud Storage” of Hosted Solutions “CloudOne Storage” Peer 1 Hosting. Of course, they will also have the option to move to independent cloud storage systems offered through private companies like this Norfolk IT support company.

EMC intends to “focus on the evolution of the Atmos ecosystem”

Jon Martin, director of product EMC Cloud Infrastructure Group indicates that the manufacturer intends to focus on increasing the number of suppliers in Cloud service using Atmos and the support of these partners, “as the number of service providers using EMC Atmos technology continues to grow, EMC decided not to announce the general availability of the storage service for Atmos Online production use,” writes Martin. “The strength of the Atmos ecosystem is mainly based on service providers who offer services based on Atmos and ISVs that integrate their products with our technology. EMC intends to focus on the evolution of this ecosystem by giving Atmos Online a supporting role [in the development of this ecosystem]. Customers seeking to move to production are encouraged to use one of the service providers using the Atmos technology for their production needs. We have worked with clients to ensure that the transition is as smooth and safe as possible.”

Recall that during EMC World 2009, the manufacturer had said at the launch of the pre-release of Atmos Online that its objective was to provide companies with an enterprise-class solution for their cloud services. “EMC Atmos Online cloud storage provides optimized services for customers of all sizes who need to manage and move large volumes of data and require a high level of service and protection of their information and secure access to their data,”stated EMC at the launch of an offer that seemed destined to last so well.

The partners called to take over

The development of services for Atmos is now based on specialist hosting and online services such as AT & T or Hosted Solutions. The latter offers with “Stratus Cloud Storage,” one of the three operational business services of Atmos to date. Hosted Solutions offers Atmos windows in two of its five data centers in Boston (Massachusetts) and Raleigh (North Carolina). The service data is replicated between the two sites. On the client side, data access is done through appliances TwinStrata Cloud Array, multi-protocol devices that provide access to remote data, cache, and data migration between a corporate data center and services in Cloud. Some functions such as replication of data across multiple sites are also Atmos driven through the application.